What is the most Popular Candy? Top 5 candies in the U.S.

#5 Candy is one of the trademark signs of Halloween and the October season altogether, but many people probably don’t know what the most popular candy is. The fifth most popular candy in the U.S. is Starbursts. Starbursts are little fruit flavored candy that are soft, chewy, and shaped like little squares. This candy was produced by Mars in 1960 in the UK. The candy was originally called opal fruits. These sweets were later introduced to the United States in 1967 and renamed Starbursts. There are many different flavors of these candies, including sour, tropical, and Baja California. About 1,705,007 pounds of this candy are bought for halloween.

#4 The fourth most loved treat during the Halloween season is Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. In 1928 the H.B. Reese Candy Company was established as part of the Hershey Company. Reese’s quickly became one of their most popular candies and H.B. Reese eventually discontinued his other confectionery items. The Reese’s franchise has produced several different types of Reese’s like Reese’s minis and Reese’s ice cream. During 2017, Reese’s was the largest confectionery. It was 62 % larger than the competing company. About 1,969,984 pounds of this candy is sold every year in celebration of Hallows Eve.

#3 Coming in at third most popular candy in the U.S. is Snickers. Snickers are a candy bar consisting of nougat, caramel, chocolate, and peanuts. These treats were released in 1903 by the company Mars, but as of 2018, Mars has distributed several varieties of snickers such as almond snickers, ice cream, and even protein filled snickers. At first, these candies were called Marathon until 1990. There has been about 2.2 million pounds sold.

#2 The second most popular candy in the U.S. is M&Ms. These sweets are about the size of a small button and have a colorful outside shell with a soft chocolate middle. M&Ms were also made by the Mars company and were introduced in the U.S. in 1941, they have been sold in over 100 countries since 2003. Over 400 million of these are made everyday in the United States. Over time, many varieties of these candies were introduced such as peanut version and caramel filled version. About 2,472,032 M&Ms are bought every year in the celebration of halloween.

#1 Finally, the most popular candy in the United States is… Skittles! Skittles are little candies similar in shape to M&Ms but are fruity instead of having chocolate in the middle. The Skittle has a hard outer shell in a variety of colors and are distributed by the Mars company. Skittles come in a variety of different flavors such as wild berry, and tropical. Skittles have sold over 3,487,101 pounds of these little treats.