Woodsboro Fibo has Come!

Everyone loves art. Especially Woodsboro! That’s why Woodsboro invited Fibo to make our school the place to “bee.” Fibo if you didn’t know already is a art school located near Cinema City, which is the bees favorite place to go. Fibo offers art classes for all ages, and skills. They also come to teach at a plethora of schools. Fibo loves to teach people about famous artist, like John Audubon. To start the art this year, fibo showed us this amazing video that informs about Mr. Audubon. The bees learned that Audubon made these paintings of life size birds. He is most famous for his huge book named Birds of America. The following week, the bees learn many art skills that will let them paint birds like Audubon did. The painting part was so fun, and everyone did amazing. The first part of the painting was making the shape of the bird by sketching. At this part of the painting the birds didn’t look that much like birds, instead look like ovals and lines. If you messed up on this part, you can easily erase it and restart. Fibo told us to sketch lightly for that reason. Next, the bees cut out the shape that they wanted the sky and water to look like. They colored them in with watercolor markers.These watercolor markers let us put colors on the page. These markers were really incredible and really easy to use. Woodsboro was really fortunate that they got to use them. Some of the bees are amazing at art, while some of the bees need help. Fibo helped those who needed it by explaining what they are doing wrong and what they should do next time. Overall the FIbo art class was amazing and all our buzzing bees can’t wait for next trimester art class.