Hiro Mashima Creator of Fairy Tail

Hiro Mashima is a Japanese manga artist, a manga is basically a Japanese comic book with the anime art style. He has had his manga’s in Weekly Shonen Magazine since 1999. The Weekly Shonen Magazine is a magazine that shows shonen manga (少年漫画). His first series, that was a hit, is Rave Master, it has 35 books. Rave Master also is known as “The Groove Adventure Rave” in Japan or Reibumasutā (レイヴマスタ). Rave Master was in the Shonen from 1999-2006. Rave Master has anime with over 50 episodes. Theanime is actually called The Groove Adventure Rave. His most famous manga series is Fairy Tail or Feari Teiru (フェアリーテイル) was in the Weekly Shonen Magazine from 2006-present. Fairy Tail has over 60 books. There is also a Fairy Tail game called “Fairy Tail: Portable Guild”. It follows the actual story but you are the main character. Fairy Tail Portable Guild has all the original characters in Fairy Tail and some new characters. Fairy Tail also has a album cover of the original sound track. The album has some of the original voice actors from Fairy Tail singing. The voice actors of Natsu Dragneel (the main character) and Juvia Lockser were announcers of an internet radio called HiBiKi Radio Station. In 2017, over 60 millions copies of Fairy Tail were sold. Hiro mashima has won a lot of awards from Fairy Tail. the character named plue is actually in both Fairy Tail and Rave Master.