Wells Fargo: Still Trustworthy?

The definition of trustworthy is to be able to be relied upon as honest or faithful. Throughout the duration of 2018, Wells Fargo has proven to us that they are not trustworthy doing many unloyal acts. Wells Fargo was founded in 1852 by two men named Henry Wells and William G. Fargo. It was known as the banking and express company that was founded since the beginning of U.S. History. Everyone had great trust for them until 2018. In April 2018, Wells Fargo was reported for forcefully including customers to buy unnecessary insurance policies with the estimated total of about one billion dollars. Wells Fargo is clearly not trustworthy due to their acts.

Wells Fargo is not trustworthy is because of the fact that they basically stole from their own customers. They forced them to pay for the bills that they didn’t have. They wouldn’t fall to the bottom of banking trustworthiness for no reason, they brought this upon themselves trying to steal from people. They might as well go to jail as prisoners. According to the Winston-Salem Jornal, “A fraudulent customer accounts scandal of the Wells Fargo banking company and they were voted to the bottom of the banking trustworthiness by 22 U.S banks. As a consequence of this failure, they were bound to have a catastrophic amount of opening scandal. They have been pressurized with constant complaints of “massive unauthorized customer fee scandal.” Due to all of this, the CEO of Wells Fargo was immediately forced to retire. On August 31, Wells Fargo confirmed that there were about 3.53 million accounts affected by this scandal up from the 2.1 million announced on September 2016.

Currently, Wells Fargo has considered themselves re-established, but don’t fall for their trap. As soon as you enter their program they will charge the customer because of their lack of money. Please look to this article if you are thinking about going to Wells Fargo!