Will the Dodgers win the World Series?

The L.A Dodgers have beat the Milwaukee Brewers and are in the World Series, and than lost in game 1 (4:8) against the Boston Red Sox. In game 2, they lost again. (2:4) They still have a chance though. Or do they? The Red Sox are the best team in baseball in franchise history, with 108 wins, a young, smart manager, extremely good pitching, and contact hitters. The Dodgers, on the other hand, have 92 wins, a wise, middle aged manager, decent pitching, and power hitters. Clayton Kershaw didn’t pitch very good in game 1, and Chris Sale, who pitched in game 1, pitched just average, giving up some runs, but not enough to lose to the Dodgers. Hyun Jin Ryu pitched great in game 2. He gave up 1 run, and right after the Dodgers took him out, Alex Wood gave up 3 runs, and no score after that, causing the Dodgers to lose. David Price pitched about average, giving up 2 runs, and that was it. The Red Sox relievers could pitch in the high 90s and some 100 mph pitches, and the Dodgers couldn’t catch up to the heat. The game is going in to Los Angeles, and if the Dodgers win all their games at home, than they will have a big chance of winning the World Series.