Woodsboro Elementary

Woodsboro is part of the PYLUSD district, a district associated with many other schools. PYLUSD is associated with the R.E.A.C.H. Foundation, this foundation helps all PYLUSD students. There are programs at Woodsboro like the music program and the Gate program. There are at least 550 scholars that go to Woodsboro. 137 of those students, which is 25% of the scholars, are in the GATE program.
At Woodsboro, there is a GATE(Gifted and Talented Education) Magnet Program. There are 20 classes and 5 of those classes are for the Gate scholars. Students take a test to see how skilled they are. If they pass they can go to the Gate program. If they don’t pass, they will have more opportunities to take the test again. If a student passes but doesn’t want to go, that is up to them. The Gate Magnet Program is just for better education or more advanced education for students.
Woodsboro has a 3-year long music program, like the other schools in the district. The music program is for grades 4th, 5th, and 6th. There is vocal music for the primary grades a well. For the upper grades, there are Strings, Band and Vocal they can choose from. The 4th graders can first pick vocals or stings. Then, when they are in 5th grade, they can continue strings, beginning band, or be in vocal. In 6th grade, they can continue band or strings, or they can do vocal.
“Woodsboro Elementary wants to provide a high-quality educational program that encompasses challenging state content standards.” Woodsboro wants to give quality education to their scholars. While giving them a good education, they must follow the states challenging standards. “…it is our fundamental goal to instill in all students a desire for life-long learning.” Woodsboro wants their scholars to enjoy learning. This is their mission, and they want to provide a great education.