Twinkle Toes and The Bean Stalk

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It starts on a sunny day in August.  I, Twinkle Toes, the dog, was born. The  first picture I saw was a blurry picture of my mother.  I think I was a Black Lab with some white spots.  Nope  I was a cute Dalmatian.  I was sure I was going to have a great life.  But then I saw it, a boy. Hooray, I was going to have a master pretty soon today would be the best day ever until…  The very same boy decided to pick my sister MY SISTE R can you belive it MY SISTER because she was acting all cute and everything so I decided to act cute.  Next thing I knew there was another man and he was tougher than the others. So, I acted cute and everything was going well. Until the guy picked my brother! Can you believe it? I can’t even think about the thought of the word bought!  So I guess I can end the story.



Actually, this story just got started.  After I got bought by a little girl, I leaped for joy, I am free!  boom boom boom! Just then my masters car broke I leaped on the side of the road.  Just then I heard my girl calling for me and then the worst thing happened I got LOST !!!!!!  But then I had luck I found myself climbing a beanstalk And when I got to the top there it was a fairy castle, there, a fairy greeted me and said to me come to my majestic castle. The fairy will grant me any wish.  If I told anybody about them I would be back in the boring old pound! So I wished for my girl back and pretty soon I Twinkle Toes was a little girl and I think I was I was in the 1800’s but then I saw the  sad little girl I couldn’t speak so I went to the google translating app and I said in dog language “You are my girl and I am your dog”, just the she heard me and said  “Twinkle Toes”? Then I remembered to wish myself back into a dog. Now that’s…