Billy the Beagle


Once upon a time, there was a beagle named Billy, and that’s me! I love to eat bagels and I’m 18 months old. I live in Los Angeles, CA. My owner is a baker named Mark. You wouldn’t think a baker, like him, has enough time to take care of a dog. Yet, I love to play fetch with him every night after dinner.  

Every morning, when I wake up, Mark would feed me my daily bagel. Then we go for a walk in the park. But, one morning, about a month ago, I got distracted by a fat, fluffy, SQUIRREL!!!! Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE SQUIRRELS!!!! Oh, how I wish I could catch one. Anyhoo, I was chasing one of these furry menaces when it went out of my reach! This has never happened. So, I broke my leash and ran after it, barking. I heard Mark running after me. The squirrel darted into a bush. I followed it, but then I lost it. As I was pawing around for it, I did not notice that Mark didn’t see me dash into the bush. When I finally emerged, having given up looking for the furball, I was in an unfamiliar area of the park. When I stopped what I was doing, I realized that I was in a dark alleyway! I couldn’t find Mark! I couldn’t find the squirrel! I COULDN’T FIND ANYTHING! Only darkness, trash and…and…cats!!! I was scared, cold and alone! This dark, frightening man dressed in a blue shirt, dark shoes, black glasses and beige shorts approached me. The shirt had a black circle in the middle of it. He picked me up and took me to a white and blue pickup truck that said “ANIMAL CONTROL”. It had a ginormous crate in the back of the truck. I was freaking out but Mark taught me not to bark at strangers so I didn’t. I didn’t know what “ANIMAL CONTROL” was because I was raised by Mark ever since I was born. The man put me into the crate, but I didn’t know what to do so I just slept in the crate.

30 minutes later, we arrived. The place was green. Navy green with splotches of black. He took me inside, and after the man talked to another man, the other man said, “Muzzle him.” The “muzzle”, a cup-thing made of wire, was strapped onto my nose. I couldn’t bark or open my mouth! I was taken to a cage. Other dogs whimpered, and they were incredibly thin. The only things in the cage were big papers and a large understuffed pillow. I expected them to give me some bagels because, by then, it was already lunchtime. One of the dark men said, “Give him food, and John, remember to supervise him while his muzzle is off.” The man gave me four regular kibbles. What? No bagels? He also gave me some water that was green, gray, and white all at the same time! Do they even clean the water here? Or do they just get it out of the sewer? He took my muzzle off and watched me eat for an uncomfortably long time. After I was done, he put on my muzzle again. Ugh! What is this place? Now I understood why the other dogs were so thin. I communicated with some other dogs, with my tail, about how it was here. I met one named Sparky. When I communicated with him, he said, “I have been here very long. I’ve been looking for a way to get out ever since the day I got here.” I have got to get out of this place, I thought. A few days passed with the same miserable schedule:

7:45-8:00 am breakfast (green water, mush)

12:00-12:15 pm lunch (green water, 4 kibbles)

8:00-8:10 pm dinner (green water, meat)

8:15 pm bedtime (no sound…or else!)

With nothing in between. Anyways, after a few days, I saw a man who looked like Mark, sounded like Mark, and smelled like Mark, but his hair was shorter. Maybe it’s Mark, but he cut his hair! I thought. He said, “That is my dog. I have been looking everywhere for him.” He signed some papers and took me. Sniff. Sniff. It is Mark! I smell the delicious bagel scent on him! He fed me a bagel and took me home.

The adventure I went on was very scary but, now, I have my loving owner back! I’m so glad that I’m home and this is the lesson I learned:

Don’t be tempted by anything too much. And never chase squirrels. The End

(eat bagels)