Fortnite is a New Indie game and was released July 25 2017. When Fortnite came out there was only one gamemode save the world and there was four locations and the first location is Stonewood, there are also Plankerton, Canny Valley, and Twine Peaks.

Fortnite was popular until the new gamemode, battle royale released in September 26, 2017. There was another game called Pubg or also known as players unknown battlegrounds. The makers of the game Pubg was going to sue Epic Games which are the creators of Fortnite. They were going to sue them for stealing their idea but Pubg actually stole H1Z1’s idea because that had battle royale first.

After a while a new update came out and it was halloween and everything is halloween theme even save the world with new characters and weapons but it was mostly about battle royale and when battle royale came out these were the locations.


Flush Factory, Greasy Grove, Salty Springs, Dusty Depot, Tomato Town Retail Row, Moisty Mire, Wailing Woods, and Pleasant Park. After that people all over the world started playing and then huge streamers came along like Ninja, Cdn, Dakotaz, Myth, Daequan, and High Distortion. Myth out of everyone was the best builder, Dakotz or Dakotaz Was the best sniper, Cdn was the funny one but was average, Ninja was the best combater and destroyed everyone. After a while the game went dead or Didn’t get a lot of attention until a update that added new areas like


Tilted Towers, Shifty Shafts My Personal Favorite, Snobby Shores, Haunted Hills, Lucky Landing, and finally Junk Junction. After a while the game became really fun then something really weird happen in my game me and my friend looked up and saw something really tiny that was blue then later people found out it was comet but me and my friend found it first but we didn’t say anything about it I thought it was a wormhole because I used to kinda study different universes and stuff but what actually was is a comet that is going to hit tilted towers.


Also Fortnite has seasons 1, 2, 3,  Season 1 was really anything but Season 2 was like Knights theme then Season 3 is Space theme but Season 4 may be Superhero Theme. But That is really it to talk about expect that Save the world got a hoverboard but in the end that is a lot of everything wai- No! Not yet we still haven’t talked about anything that was added there is a new event where you have to survive for 3 or 7 days but you get really good stuff from it and you can get loot lamas and the rarities in the save the world is Uncommon, Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Mythic. But in Battle Royale there is only Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. There is no Mythic just those but they have changed some weapons the tac a shotgun used to have a epic version but is know a common also the pump another shotgun has rare instead of a common know. Those are the recent updates with the vending machine and sticky grenades. But know that is it Thank you for reading my article.