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“I awoke with a start and a headache, in a small hut made of straw with bamboo windows in a primitive lifestyle. All I could remember was screaming, incessant screaming. Just thinking about the screaming gave me a headache, ‘Who was that person screaming?’ I wondered. ‘Where am I’ I thought as I sat up with my head almost splitting in two. I could also feel large amounts of pain in my abdomen and chest, I looked below to see I was bandaged up from the waist. I thought ‘Was I in some accident, a fight or something?’ How much ever I tried to remember I could not recollect what had happened, so instead I decided to take a look around…and found myself in a village… Outside, the skylight hit as the blistering hot and beautiful sun leaked in through the old rusted windows. As I looked outside I had another head-splitting vision, I could see darkness all around me and could hear laughing, a cold chill ran down my spine as I heard that laughing…’it must have just been a nightmare’ I thought yet it felt so real…I decided to ignore it and continued peeking outside. The grass outside was glistening with dew as the morning sun was hitting and reflecting against it, the hut was very small, as I learned that I was sleeping on a bamboo shoot bed that was old but comfortable. It was made with bamboo and cotton bedsheets. The village was quite small and made up of huts that were similar if not the same to the one he was in currently residing in, with houses around a larger circular house with a totem flag pole made of wood and Hawaiian faces all around it. Clearly, they were a primitive tribe of Indians?? Where am I? More importantly, who am I? Why was I sent here? These questions were swirling around inside my head as I stood up to see and Indian woman run up to me in shock wearing a brown skirt and clothing.


Woman: “You are awake, young man! Who are you and why have you come to our village?”

Unknown Protagonist: “I don’t know who I am or why I’m here. I was hoping you could tell me where I am or who I am?”

Woman: …“I am sorry I don’t know who you are or why, but we saw your unconscious body in the river nearby and saw that you needed healing, so we took you in our hospital. Our villagers want to ask you and interrogate you; it will be bad if you had amnesia!”

“So, what must I do, don’t you have anything to help me find out who I am?!”

“I did find this book of yours with you when we found you in that river, would this help?”

I read the book which stated my name was Ashura, and I was a guardian of some sort. Also, it had information about the world and the village but was written in blotchy handwriting. The book seemed old and worn but somehow familiar.

“It says my name is Ashura…? But has nothing else important in it at all, what else can I do…?”

“I’m sorry Ashura but I have nothing else to tell you, I know nothing about you, the villagers will be angry, and they have asked to interrogate you once you are done healing. They need to know who you are and if they think that you are dangerous you will be executed…I’m very sorry it has to be this way, things changed ever since that man came here long ago…”

I stood up abruptly, and tried to stand up, but the pain made me regret it. My body was still in bandages, and I could feel the stinging of the wound on my torso. I grunted in pain, I could not get up even if I wanted to.


“I haven’t done any crime, I don’t understand why your village is that suspicious, and the man you’re talking about is?”

“I cannot reveal this information; it would be considered treason in the village, as of your interrogation there is no choice, as I have no say in the matter. I can tell you that you were hit by rocks and were almost dead, and that you will be safe until you have finished healing. My name is Mogoda; I am a healer here in this village, and it has been this way since 12 years.

But 2 years ago, a mysterious man had come to our village, he wore a dark suit and boots, but his face was malicious as we could not see it clearly. His name was Erebus Shadow, and he demanded that we swear allegiance to him and give up our weapons and supplies.


At first, the villagers laughed at him and mocked him, but the man grows more furious and demanded that if we do not than he will unleash his power upon us. The villagers still mock him and do not believe him, but then, Erebus Shadow unleashed powers so dreadful and dark that we cowered in fear. Erebus Shadow…whimper… killed half of all our villagers in his rage and darkness, and we bowed to him and gave up all our rights. Erebus Shadow warned us of an outsider that may appear soon, and that we must execute him or suffer his wrath. After this Erebus Shadow put a dictator in charge of us, a man named Ra and he has put us under his whim. This is why our villagers are so afraid of strangers that they refuse to be kind towards them.”

“How can I be the same person he warned of?” Ashura said, “I don’t even remember who I am or how I woke up here, and I don’t even recognize this place. How can I be accused for treason, all I know is my name, otherwise I have nothing?! I understand your problem, but I can’t help you, I have nothing and can’t even help myself, I need to regain my memory not sit here and be executed for a crime I never committed?”

That minute a few gruff and angry men slammed open the door and rested their eyes on me. Uh Oh! Mogoda stood up, “No, the prisoner needs to rest; he is injured and needs medical attention. Tell the village counsels that it is too early, please?”


“Sorry Mogoda. His time is up, he is lucky he even got saved and got a little attention. You are lucky we didn’t arrest you for treason for helping an outsider, Mogoda!”


“Please…? Don’t let that man turn you into angry vengeful men!”


“I’m sorry Mogoda. Do not make me arrest you as well, as for that man, we should be this suspicious and angry…we have a right to be!” growled the guard, “Prisoners are not equal to our villagers, he will be treated like the lowlife he is!”

“Hey!” I yelled at the guard, “I am not a lowlife, you hear me! I only know that my name is Ashura! Why are you angry at me, I haven’t even done anything, you can’t just take my rights away without any knowledge! What is wrong with you people?”


“The Prisoner is not allowed to speak to us in this manner! Arrest him, boys!”


“No, this isn’t right! I won’t come with the likes of you! I don’t have a memory; I need to find out who I am!”

I ran past the guards and tried to run to the river, but my wound hindered my escape. I only made it halfway when the guards continued to hunt me down. I ran around the hut, trying to escape or find a spot to hide, but the guards were too fast and outnumbered me. The wound kept throbbing me and I could not go any faster, I jumped past a well and continued to run to outpace the guards, I thought I lost them as I looked back. But, I tripped and hit the ground hard, as a guard came running towards me… No! I can’t be captured as I heaved…I tried crawling into the river and again had the same horrible vision with a man in dark robes looking down at me and laughing in that bone-chilling voice… and I passed out cold.

As I was unconscious, I had a weird vision as if I was having an out of body experience. I heard a scream in the middle of the night…and a dark flash of energy and laughing…Roahhh!!!

I began to awaken as I could feel myself being dragged on the ground, I woke up to see 3 guards pushing or pulling me to the middle hut. I had no energy to even feel my body, as the guards continued to drag me across the pavement and I felt numb. I had no energy to even resist what the guards did to me, let alone the energy to even open my eyes completely. The wound was too deep, I realized for me to even think of trying to pull of the stunt that I had pulled to escape the guards was meaningless as I could not escape with such an injury. I could hear the guards laughing at my misery and how easily I had been captured; I was angry but could not do anything to stop them. Still, all I could think about as they dragged me was “Who was that man in my vision?’ and only felt haunted by that laughing creepy voice in my head. Instead of thinking about that voice I listened in on the guards conversation to find out where they were taking me…

“Did you see how pathetically the prisoner fell on the road? It was hilarious, hahaha!”


“Maybe we should call him Ashura the Loser, Hehe!” taunted the guard.


“Shut up both of you!” the third guard yelled, “We have a job, and both of you bozos are messing

around!” “Get to work, and stop your rambling shenanigans!”

I noticed the third guard hated humor, maybe I could ask him what they were going to do to me. I

huffed, “Excuse me…”


The third guard looked down, “What is it!?” he said in an irritated tone.


“Could you at least have the decency to tell me where I’m going?”


The officer gruffly spoke: “To the council; where they will decide what to do with scum like you!”

What did the council want with me? I don’t even know who I am. There’s only one way to get out of this situation…to listen to what they say and find out myself…

The guards dragged me through the streets; I could see that villagers were looking with fear and contempt. They gave me a look of fear as if they were haunted by my presence, some gave me angry glares as if I was some kind of criminal, and some even threw stuff at me including fruit and dirt. ‘Why do these people hate me? I mean what’s going on here?’ I thought. I continued to marvel at this weird village that was primitive yet quite advanced. The streets were lined with blue flickering, crystal-like lights with a cobblestone pathway. The villagers were all brown skinned and short, with huts made of straw and grass leaves, clearly a very primitive hut with a small sort of bathroom in the middle of each hut. The villagers were both primitive yet modern as many vehicles were powered by lights as well as old worn down huts made of grass.

What has happened here…?

Soon I saw series of stairs laced with gold; a large clock tower could be seen in the distance. The guards hoisted me up these gold stairs, and took me inside this worn down clock tower. However, instead of being run down as expected the clock tower was ornate and luxurious with large golden chandeliers lifted above with emerald, rubies, and sapphires that laced the walls as we passed near the building. The rich people clearly lived here, but I could only see a few people with rich houses made of silver and gold roofs. The clock tower was only a guise, the inside was decorative and appealing to the eyes, many rich folk also had the same angry eyes as the villagers.

The guards took me inside the palace-like clock tower, inside a room in the middle that seemed to be the largest room in the clock tower, there were 3 seats in front of me with ornate diamond patterns on each seat. Even the chairs had silk purple seats with golden armrests for probably each council member, each chair was large and concave with each chair on a pedestal made of stone.

The guard dropped me on a small wooden chair in the middle of the room, handcuffing my hands with metal bars so that no prisoner would be able to escape. The guards then stood on each side of me to probable prevent me from escaping my chair, a door closed behind me and 3 people entered the room.

One was a middle-aged man with balding hair, green robes with brown lining, and brown-skinned that sat on the right council chair. The second person was a young man, about 25 years old, and with a blue suit, brown tie, and white pants; with a sneer on his face. The third was a woman, about middle-aged, with a red and white robes, with flower patterns that sat on the left council chair. She looked very solemn and looked once or twice around the room, until she had set her sights on the prisoner before her, aka me.

Servant: “The council is now in session!”


The middle aged man stood up. He said, “My name is Francis Drake.”The young man spoke, “Why should I reveal my name to such a lowlife retch!” Drake elbowed him hard, “Fine, if the rules force me to then I must. My name is Alexander Octavius and you had best remember that retch!”


“What do you want with me?” said Ashura in a calm yet demanding voice.

“What we want with you is objective, outsiders are not allowed in this village!” said Octavius in a threatening voice.


“I haven’t done anything to hurt you or this village!” answered Ashura. “All I’m worried about is who I am right now.”


“Don’t lie to me retch!” said Octavius as he stood up and looked directly in my eyes with a menacing stare. “You are here to be execu—I mean put under watch.” said Octavius as Drake and the woman stared at him with a disappointed look.


“Let me introduce myself, my name is Rolinda.” the woman said in a very clear tone. “The truth is we have had very major problems with strangers, so we find it difficult to trust you unfortunately.”


“But I’m telling you I have no idea who I am?! All I know is you have problems in your village, people are so afraid, why is that?” I explained as the guards stared at me with shock.

“You mean you don’t know about the truth!?” said Drake incredulously as he began to pull something that looked like a gun!


“WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?” I screamed as I tried to avoid his gaze.

“I am simply showing the truth to you.” Drake said as he pulled out a….telescope…No! It was not a gun!


“As you can see, Drake brought the telescope near my eyes…what I saw would be burned in my memory forever…simply it was chaos and evil…


I saw cities burned and ravaged as people lived on the streets of the city, people were eating of the ground and some were trying to kill each other…also the city had broken down and smoked from the inside…some women and children were being sold off as slaves. The saddest sight was the top tier building called the Empre Stat Buldin in faded letters which had many poor people living inside as it was tipped over and broken… also people wore horrible ragged clothes and they were suffering horribly. Some were beaten by officers clad in black armor, some were sold off to slavery and others were living on the streets, and some were servants being beaten by more officers. The buildings were charred as if a massive radiation strike occurred, the ground was lifeless as no plants could be seen, worst off all was the outer limits which had gruesome things… DEAD BODIES!…and creatures with black dead eyes clawing at the walls.


As I saw above, the Sun had a red orange glow as it looked like the devil’s eye. I could feel the evil heat radiating off of the Sun as if it were another planet. The Sun was draining the energy out of the people, I don’t know how I could sense that, but it was true and horrible. I felt like throwing up and felt a sense of despair setting in…


“Is this why you don’t trust me?” I croaked as I felt like breaking into panic and horror…

“So now you realize the world as you know it has been shattered hasn’t it?” said Drake,

“I see the fear in your eyes but I’m afraid it’s true…

“So what now?” I croaked in a barely audible voice….

“Now, we decide what to do with the likes of you!” sneered Octavius….

“But what about the Earth or the rest of the world? I thought the Earth was full of technology, cars and planes, and people lived in with prosperity? What happened to the Earth?! Why is it horrible and full of such EVIL? But this, this is madness!!!” I outraged in anger.


“I’m sorry do we care what you think–” Octavius was about to say…Drake cut him off and said, “I’m sorry but this is the Earth now and so we live in fear and with walls to protect us…

“Onward, why are you here?” said Rolinda, to which I responded, “I don’t know but I do know that something must be changed!”

“Oh so high and mighty, fool!” said Octavius. Drake answered, “ENOUGH, Octavius let me finish!”

“Fine, but if he is suspicious then I will put him behind bars!” tiraded Octavius…

“OK, what is your name young man?” said Drake,

“My name is Ashura.” The whole room gasped and stared at me, “What’s wrong, I just spoke my name, why are you looking at me like that?


“I knew your father Ashura.” answered Drake, I just perked up, WHAT??

“Who was he? Who am I? Tell me!” I demanded…Drake said “You are of the Light Family…for generations there had been tails of a legend, of a Creator of sorts, it had said that one day there would be an incarnation…of the first Creator.”


“The 1st who?” I answered.

“The 1st Creator was the man that created the Universe and all that you see around you or so they say, they had said that one day this miracle of a man would be reborn as a son of the Light Clan and would change the world again. Some say he was a God. The 1st Creator had been betrayed by his brother, so they say, his name was Erebus Shadow yes the very same man that attacked the village all those years ago. The 1st Creator was righteous, wise, compassionate, all the qualities of a great leader and has been passed down in legend for centuries. At first I didn’t believe the stories either, but one day, as you have heard, Erebus Shadow destroyed the village with his malicious abilities and proved the legends as true unfortunately for us. Also, before that a man visited us, his name was Sirius Light and he had told us that his son had shown capabilities of the….1st CREATOR!…which shocked me, but I refused to believe this at first. Then, after Erebus attacked, I was forced to believe what he had said and allowed him to stay… but we had to force him to leave as Erebus was onto us and threatened to kill our children…but he told us if his son showed up we were to treat him as a hero. But I’m afraid we can’t do that quite yet as we do not trust anybody as of yet, so be prepared to face trials and tribulations!”


Octavius stood up and walked in front of the stadium like entrance, “Oh please do you truly believe in this hodge podge, there is NO 1st Creator and NO such powers that can exist!”


I perked up and said, “What is your DEAL? Then, how do you explain this Erebus Shad guy?”


Octavius said, “Simple, it was all an illusion you see. Ra, our dictator has the powers of illusion, we had simply been fooled and scared. The one with the true powers is Ra, he is the perpetrator, but we don’t need some magical fake hero to help us with Ra, we are already planning something you fool!”


Drake barked, “ENOUGH Octavius, my patience with you is running thin. At least let me test the boy, then you can make judgements about him. The only reason that you are a council member is that your father helped found this village so we cannot stop you from making decisions. All that I ask is let me test him, it’s the least I can do for the boy’s father, I mean he asked us and also helped us when we needed it!”


Octavius calmly replied, “Fine, do what you must, but if the boy has nothing to offer then let me handle him. Let me decide if he stays or leaves.”


Drake answered, “Fair enough Octavius. Why don’t you do it? Let us begin. Octavius, pull the lever!”

Octavius gleefully said, “Oh, gladly! Let us see what you are made of, boy!!!”

I exclaimed, “What do you mean, lever? What are you doing? Wait, stop! WAAAAIIIITTTT!!!”


I fell down a trap door as the chair released me into a dark barely lit room. I fell on my head face first…OWWW!…where am I?… as I stood up in pain I thought…let’s see I see a corridor over there. I kept searching the room, I heard a growling of sorts past the wall near the corridor. I ran past the corridor trying to search for that sound, but all I found were walls that surrounded me in all directions, slowly I found a lever in the end of the room and pulled it which slided me down toward a light source which was at the end of the tunnel…


Where in the world am I? WHAT WERE THEY THINKING? They cannot just leave me in this damp dark tunnel! What should I do…Wait! I see the end of the tunnel…the light so to speak.


I entered the room and the lights lit up…it was a Coliseum!..a giant dome with large seats surrounding the place…I could see gates past me and a small group of villagers saw me! Also, there were large giant seats there, and a dirt ground near me. The Coliseum was old and rundown, but functional…is this the testing place? I wonder what a large stone structure is doing down here? The Coliseum was quite large, about a few thousand feet in circumference, the tunnel was clearly an underground system but what was that growling? Anyway, I think this Coliseum was built by people long ago, they built it very well! Otherwise it would not have lasted so many centuries…was this a place of entertainment sort of like gladiators fighting each other? Let’s see I thought as I headed near the middle of the place. Then I saw large seats up on top of the Coliseum, the judges maybe….?


And the judges (aka the council members) looked down from the top seats…Drake stood up and announced, “Ashura, let’s begin! Let us see if you are truly the one!” The Coliseum had opened up and Drake sent some people to give me food and water…the servants ran down the steps and into the middle of the Coliseum and gave me food, what looked like fruits and vegetables but warm and tasty…and water in a small jug that was for me…Drake boomed using a loudspeaker made of stone, “Eat up, and drink for you will need your strength later for the test!” Also we will give you the tools you need in order to finish the test alright!.”


Rolinda said after much thought, “Whatever questions you have, we are happy to answer them before the test, while you are eating!”


Ashura spoke, “Well, for starters, What is this place and what kind of test is this?”


Drake stood up again, “Ashura this was our old gladiator fighting dome, but after many many years the sport was given up and instead used to keep a certain creature from escaping. Also, the test will be physical and you will have to fight what we release, to see if your powers, if you have any, will activate.”


Ashura said, “Another few things I wanted to ask.” Drake answered, “Ask away!”


Ashura said, “How will I know if I have powers? What will happen? Where is my father now? Also, where is this village and how old it is?”


Octavius grew a little flustered, “One at a time, boy! Seriously, you know nothing at all, do you?”


Drake, ignoring Octavius, said, “For starters your father is…gone. We have not heard from him, in fact we don’t know his whereabouts, but I’m sure he’s with the Light Clan, we asked him to head back home, you see so don’t worry he should be safe. And believe me, you will feel energy coursing through you so I have heard, so do not fret, you will know for sure. After that we will show you our esteemed guru, he is from a distant land, and he can help train you! As for the village, it will take a lot of explaining so please bear with me! Octavius please lower the curtains!”

A series of curtains fell, covering all the seats and the entire Coliseum…

“Why are you covering the whole arena?!” I asked.

“This is because what I’m about to tell you is forbidden to the public!” answered Drake

“But if I know the truth, won’t I be able to tell the public about it?!”


“The reason I am revealing the truth to you is that if you pass then you will become one of our trusted advisors and will need to know the truth, and if you fail you will die, I’m afraid, so you won’t be able to tell anyone about it! Unfortunately I have to kill you since I promised Octavius I would, because his ancestor was the Founder of this village so I have to obey him!”

But before this happened, you have to read this


A different man named Erebus Shadow, yes the very same Erebus that attacked our village had ruined Press’s dimension, this man, he claimed, had such intelligence and power he was able to change the course of so many worlds toward the path of destruction using dark energy and other space-time warping abilities, things even Saint Dane was not capable of doing, he claimed that he was a creature as old as time itself and had been told about in legends inside the dimension known as Halla. Press said he had never thought the legends would be true. The people asked Press what the original timeline was like, he claimed Erebus had changed the future and the present, before Erebus Press explained he had once defeated Saint Dane with the help of a famous hero known as Pendragon, a hero that was powerful and compassionate towards others. He told them Pendragon had been his nephew and told us his story of how he was reborn as a human on Earth and how he went on his journey as a “Traveler” (he called him a Traveler), explaining that Saint Dane had been erased. Once Erebus came and had revealed his presence, Press (since he had been a spirit), spied on Erebus when he arrived on Halla and claimed he heard that Erebus had removed the “Creator” out of his way. Press told us that he thought Creator was a very important figure and that he was in search of him, this is because he had heard that Erebus was only afraid of that man and Erebus had claimed this Creator was the only one that could stop him. However, Press told his followers that he made a mistake by underestimating Erebus and tried to defeat him by himself and gathered Pendragon and his friends to defeat him. But Erebus had expected this and he easily crushed the spirits including Pendragon as he had learned their weakness. Press told us that Erebus was able to read their minds and find out how to destroy Halla….Pendragon freed himself and managed to drive Erebus off with difficulty. Erebus told Press he had what he needed, Press told his followers (my ancestors) that he chased Erebus until he realized he was too late…Erebus went back in time to change history…By the time Press realized what he was doing Erebus had already changed the future…Press soon realized Saint Dane had been “saved” by Erebus…Erebus told Press he had simply given Saint Dane large amounts of power which Saint Dane used to wipe out Pendragon and his friends to Press’s horror and shock…Press claimed he ran away from his dimension to find Creator as Erebus made a mistake by revealing that Creator may still be alive and also revealed his name which was you Ashura…but his followers could not find Ashura (until we found you that is) and Saint Dane found Press and killed Press in front of our eyes!! It was horrifying as our last hope had been killed. Saint Dane punished my ancestors severely by forcing them into Lifelight pyramids to rot and die! After that, to make sure his rule was solidified, he revealed that this was all the vision of his leader Erebus, and many people found out he secretly advanced the nuclear weapons of Earth so if any large group of opposers. Saint Dane explained that because of the gift of power given to him by Erebus, he had decided to serve Erebus and listens to his every command. Saint Dane explained further he would destroy our world slowly as per the command of Erebus, and create a new universe in his name! Saint Dane was also able to advance the nuclear arsenal, as Erebus managed to bring one of his friends to help Saint Dane, his name was Razar, the great grandfather of the current dictator Ra! Razar had Sun abilities, to drain people’s and plant’s energy and was able to create matter with his hands. Saint Dane used his laser technology from Veelox and Razar’s Sun ability to create the ultimate nuclear arsenal to wipe out anything and anyone but it was not known at the time. It was only revealed after a spy reconnaissance mission by many of the opposers of Saint Dane that the horrible truth was revealed, Saint Dane was going to wipe out the planet if there was any opposition…yet a huge rebel alliance had formed and decided to sabotage the weapons in secret by launching them into space, however, after 20 years of preparation the rebels sneaked into the nuclear base in Washington D.C. However, the plan was foiled as one of the rebels betrayed the alliance and revealed their location to Razar, this betrayer was named Augustus “Genesis” Blade…we do not know what happened to him….and the rebels were killed brutally and the bodies were hanged in public to spread fear and eliminate hope entirely. Saint Dane revealed he would use the technology for the betterment of humankind just to lie and cover up the failed sabotage.. Saint Dane left back to his dimension after revealing that Razar and Erebus would know take control of Earth and he would become king in his own dimension. Erebus arrived in a dark portal, and put the people in even more harsh conditions for 200 years with little water and little to no food. The people revolted due to his growing brutality and because he cared so little about human life. Erebus went so far as to kill children in cold blood if the parents questioned him, culminating in the largest revolution by humans which ended horribly. The nuclear arsenal was used on the public …and also killed Lifelight in the process leaving all the bodies outside and charred remains, one of the greatest tragedies in human history with almost 5 billion dead! Erebus left for some time for an unknown reason claiming he had found what he was seeking, meanwhile the survivors built many sets of walls and domes to prevent the zombies from entering and killing more survivors which became called the Infinity Wall which has still stood the test of time, and this village lived in fear as even children were born not knowing about the truth, as we wanted to restart civilization. We tried to censor as much of the truth as possible, however, many did not agree with what we had decided to do, some even left the walls but never came back. Many assume they were killed… After 10 years, a portal opened up and to the surprise of the people outside the walls, soldiers arrived from another dimension that looked similar to Erebus Shadow, and took over the people outside the walls as you had seen. The officers were soldiers, and enslaved the population yet are not able to enter the walls that Press’s followers built. The walls were built with the stone that made up Press’s ring, we had come upon a portal that allowed us to harvest such rock and build the Infinity Wall, (hence the name). However, 2000 years passed, and the village prospered and grew, however, somehow Erebus Shadow returned and he had discovered a weapon that could drill through the walls and using this weapon he one day was able to enter the walls and slaughtered many of our people as you were told. The immediate aftermath was that people started believing in the legends of old about Erebus and increased our fear. This led us to be enslaved by Ra, a man that could turn the Sun into an evil power drainer, an ability given to him by his great-grandfather Razar, as you had also seen and heard before, and this is why we live in fear. Coincidentally, 2 years before this your father had come and told us about his son, you! Your father helped advance our village and helped us in many ways physically and mentally so we kept him safe, in fact Erebus demanded we give him your father but we refused even after Erebus killed many of our fellow villagers. But enough was enough, your father had said, and he decided to

leave to save us from further harm, so after he left, Erebus soon went after him….so I had heard….40 more years passed with no sign of your father or Erebus for that matter, which worried many and led to many of us losing hope that your father had survived (I myself was born 45 years go so I was told all this by my ancestors from their ancestors) But then things changed as you came along on the river 2 weeks ago. “….and you know the rest.”


I exclaimed, “I can’t believe I’m living in such a changed world. I thought Erebus was bad before! He is beyond pure evil, heck he’s evil incarnate! How am I supposed to be his only fear?! I’m scared of him myself, how am I supposed to fight someone who has space-time abilities!? Heck, I can’t even use any powers, I don’t think I’m the one you are looking for! I can’t do this! I’m just a normal person! Even Saint Dane seems way above my league!”


“Ashura, remember you are not alone! I can see from your eyes that you are a fighter, I sense something special from you, otherwise I would never have brought you here! Also, we have no choice but to fight otherwise living is meaningless! Life would be worthless, we can’t let that happen! Either you are with us or against our cause, Ashura look me in the eye and tell me are you with us? Otherwise I’ll have to kill you anyways!”


I looked him dead in the eyes, “Just because I’m scared doesn’t mean I’m about to give up! If I am what you say I am, I’m willing to try. You’re right Drake, life would be meaningless without the will to fight and without hope. I was just worried and scared, I didn’t mean what I said. If someone can change time once, much for I’m ready…


I saw him coming and I jumped and punched him, “I have you now!” He simply blocked it with his palm, I turned and tried to kick him with my knee, he ducked, I used the momentum to turn and punch him again, he showed up behind me. I rolled from under him, I did not want to get attacked from behind I thought… however, he expected this, and kicked his left foot at me, I avoided it and tried kicking him in the face, but he blocked that with his hand and then I tried kicking my other leg in a spin kick but he also caught that as well. “You know, you remind me of both of my students, I remember both of them trying to get the bells.” I just grunted in anger, he was able to throw me off of him, “It sure sounds like your students had better luck trying to take those bells then I did.”


Kakashi said, “Actually they were worse than you were.”


“Well that still doesn’t make me feel better…” I muttered as I stood up off of the ground.


He ran at me at blinding speed sending punch after kick, I was totally overwhelmed, I was barely able to block his onslaught. He was pushing me back towards the river, I was getting tired, he however, continued the attacks. But then, as we approached the river, he did something I didn’t expect, he jumped over me and onto the river, I expected him to sink but he was standing on top of the water. But as he walked on water he used his sharingan to put me to sleep. As I woke up, he used sharingan straight away to put me to sleep again but I used my light shield to block his view from me. Then I summoned a light beast that took out the kakashi, but then I went to go to sleep. To Be Continued…