My Best Basketball Game

My Best Basketball Game

I love basketball. One Sunday, my parents woke me up at around 7:30 because I had a basketball game at 8:30!


After I got out of bed, I dressed up in my uniform. Then, I went downstairs and ate breakfast, which was cereal. I ate very quickly because I was very excited. Since I wanted to get ready really quickly for the game, I brushed my teeth very eagerly and I soon became ready. I packed up my water. I was ready, so I practiced with the basketball in my backyard because I didn’t practice that much during that week.


My family and I arrived at the basketball court at 8:00 because my coach, Coach Stacy wanted every teammate to arrive 30 minutes before the game, so we can practice. Coach Stacy was really excited. My team’s name was Rockers. We practiced some plays to do during the game. After we practiced, we did a mini scrimmage with the teammates. It was time to go into the basketball court indoors, so we hurried into the court.


Before the game started, all the girls, including the opposing team did some free throws. Each free throw before the game is worth 1 point. 5 of 10 of my teammates made a shot, and the opposing team only had 1 point.


Finally, the game started. I was in the first quarter. My teammate named Gianna passed the ball to me. I ran down the court to my basket and made the first basket. It was a 3-pointer!!  I was really proud of myself. The quarter was soon over.


I wasn’t in the second quarter, but I enjoyed watching my teammates doing an excellent job during the second quarter. It was 23 to 14. We were winning!! After the second quarter was over, both teams had free throws again. They were also worth 1 point. This time, 4 of my teammates made a free throw and 3 people made it on the opposing team.


I was in the third quarter and I made another basket. I was so happy. Many other teammates made lots of baskets. We were in the lead by 15 points, 43 to 28. The other team didn’t know the rules and kept doing defense before we crossed the half-court line, even though it wasn’t the fourth quarter. So, we were able to get the ball many times.


I wasn’t in the fourth quarter. It was very exciting in the last four minutes because it was full-court press and our team made lots of baskets. We won the first game of the season!


This is how my first game went and it was very exciting.