My School

My school is the best school I ever have because they teach me cool stuff and going to give you some fact why my school is the best school I ever have been in. First, they have the best teachers in the world. Second, they teach us cool stuff and they make us laugh and my school is really large. Third, they have lots of fun thing to do when we are bored. Next then have Saturday School. Saturday school is when you can go to Woodsboro and play and go on the chromebooks and they have the longest recess and lunchtime . It have the best principal for a school that I have ever been to in my life. Finally, when you go up to a new grade it get more fun and you learn new stuff and you can stay out noon in the school for homeclub or math club and you can go to E.L.D. to learn how to speak in English if you talk in two language and you can do music and P.E. and that all .