Special Sharks

Special Sharks

Sharks are creatures that have lived in the sea for millions of years. I am going to now talk about different sharks and what they do.

First, my favorite and I think coolest is the Tasseled wobbegong. The type of category it’s in are the carpet sharks. They may not be the best swimmer but they are camouflaged. They have odd shaped tassels that hang around his body and mouth forming some say a beard. They have quick reflexes and they normally hide in small cave in reefs where they live. The tassels are helpful because they look like little morsels to fish who are attracted but quickly devoured. Wobbegongs mostly eat small fish, crab, cuttlefish, and squid.

Then, the next shark I’ll be writing about is the Cookie Cutter Shark which is a part of the sleeper sharks family. It is a small shark though it can do some serious damage! It lives in deep waters mostly that are warm. It is known as the “Cookie Cutter” because at night when it travels to the surface to eat, it makes shapes like cookies when it bites into an animal’s flesh. It eats other animals that are normally bigger than itself like large fish, other sharks, stingrays, seals, and whales.

Finishing, the final shark I am going to write about is the Megalodon which is the world’s largest shark though is extinct. The megalodon was an enormous shark that was 60 feet long and weighed 60 tons. It went extinct because there wasn’t enough prey around and they all starved to death therefore, coming extinct. Since it was so huge with sharp teeth it could eat any animal including whales!

Clearly, as you can you see there are multiple types of sharks in the world which are all unique in their own special way.