Horror – I last saw her


She always looked at me at school, but now she’s gone. Or is She?


Hi my name is Lucas and I live in the mountains. I go to a nice private school.  One of the most embarrassing things in school is that my brother rubs my hair with his elbows. It also hurts. My brother (from another mother) is named Luke. He is one grade up so he is in 6th grade. It’s also embarrassing that the most popular girl always stares at me. Because of that my friends always gives me these looks. So I could tell that they basically hate me for that. The popular girl’s name is Lucy. Her parents are rich. I mean it. Her parents are millionaires. Her parents always throw these huge parties that are always awesome. But everyday she seems to look at me more. She doesn’t even blink while she stares at me, even when her friends blow air in her face. So then her friends give me mean looks. And if you could die from looks that people give you, then I would be dead by now. Then one day she did something that no one would do, she asked me for my phone number.

That was the time when I didn’t know that I was in danger. I gave it to her. The next morning I heard a ding. It was my phone, and it was Lucy(the popular girl who stares at me). I read the message.

“Hi do you want to walk to school together? 🤔😋”

I replied “sure😅”

So a couple minutes later she was calling out my name and waving her arms, trying to get my attention. Then she ran to my side. We looked pretty weird together. A kid that looks like he’s gonna do hip-hop, and a girl that look like she is gonna go to a birthday party. But she didn’t mind. And, to be honest, I didn’t mind either!


When we walked into the school a lot of kids were looking at us. The boys were shooting mean faces at me and the girls looked really mad. Then we started the normal day: math, english, history, a normal day. After that, nothing interesting really happened, and before I knew it, it was time to go home. Lucy went home in her Lamborghini, and I walked home. Then I texted

“Do you want to walk to school tomorrow🤔😃”

No answer, so I texted

“                                     Hello, is anybody there?!😧”

No answer. So I thought she didn’t like me anymore.

I finally got home, so I sank into the couch and switched on the TV, and it was on the news channel. The headline read “Tragic Car Accident… “ but I could read no more. II looked at a Lamborghini that looked just like the one Lucy had and then I saw her lifeless body being pulled out of the car. “No… no… no… Lucy, don’t be dead, come back!” I screamed in desperation, and ran out of the house. Then I heard the my phone ring. Without looking, I answered.


I heard Lucy’s voice.


She said, “Hi, Lucas”.


I screamed and threw my phone on the sidewalk, where it broke to pieces. Then I ran outside. I knew it was a bad idea but, I still ran until I saw Lucy there.


She was standing with blood on her dress, her hair decorated with what was once beautiful but now haunting shards of glass. She stepped forward, and then she said


“I came for you Lucas. You called for me So I am here for you.”


   Then everything went black.


The End