Why I Love Gymnastics


  I’ve always loved gymnastics. Stretching, doing tricks, getting stronger, everything. There are seven events: beams, floor, bars, trampoline, tumble track, conditioning, and vault. My favorite events are bars and trampoline. There is nothing about gymnastics that I don’t like.

  Okay, okay, you want to know more about the events. Sure. The beams are a narrow long tall board but softer than wood and they’re raised above the ground. You do tricks on them and try not to fall when you land or whatever you’re working on. There’s also practice beams. They are flat on the ground so you can practice new moves. It’s fun!

  The floor has springs in it so it’s bouncy. You do a lot of things on floor because you can’t fall off the floor like beam! You can fall but you probably won’t die if you fall. Really fun!

  The bars are a small, long cylinder. They are made of plastic and wood. You swing and do appropriate tricks for bars on bars. They’re really fun if you know how to use them!

  The trampoline is a really bouncy kind of material that you bounce on. You do flips and jump on the trampoline. You go flying in the air!

  The tumble track is sort of like a trampoline, except it’s longer. You can run and do your tricks because they’re so long. They’re just not as bouncy as a trampoline, but they’re still fun!

  Conditioning makes you stronger. It may hurt at first and you may be a little sore afterwards, but you can have fun while getting stronger too!

  Vault is a raised kind of soft hard object. You run, then you bounce on the springboard, and jump up or do a trick on the kind of soft hard object. That’s called vault and it’s fun!

  These are things that you can do in gymnastics. They are all fun to me. I hope you try gymnastics one day!