My soccer team’s game


My soccer team game is called the Strikers. We had a big game vs the Luckys. They are really good and we thought that we can not beat them but we did and it was the happiest day of my life and for my team. This is how it goes. First we had to practice to be as good as them then we had to practice playing with them and they scored 5 goals and we scored 4 goals. Next it was time to play the big game  and we were all so scared and my coach said, “Don’t be scared, try your best, and it’s more important to have fun than to win.” Then we went out and people were staring at us and I was feeling scared but I tried to be brave. And then the game started. The other team scored 3 goals and we scored 0 goals. Then we managed to score 5 goals and then we had a break. We started to play again. Finally we won the entire game. This is how. I passed the ball to my teammate then she passed it back to another girl, and then  went a little bit closer to their goal, and the girl past the ball to me and we made a goal we made 7 goals and they made 3 so we won!!!