Fairytail Review

Fairytail Review

Fairytail is originally 63 manga books created into a show, which has 273 episodes. This series was created by Hiro Mashima, who was born in Japan, May 1977. He created Fairytail on December 15, 2006.

Fairytail is a show about a magical guild (called Fairytail).  The guild faces many challenges such as the battle between Fairytail and Phantom Lord and the battle between Fairytail and Grimoire Heart and etc.

The main characters (Natsu Dragneel, Gray Fullbuster, Lucy Heartfilia, Erza Scarlet) have all had horrible pasts, such as being neglected by your own father (Lucy),  being a slave for the tower of heaven and having your eye injured in the process (Erza), having your town and family being destroyed by a demon (Gray), having your dragon father abandon you in the forest (Natsu).

Fairytail is one of the many different guilds. It is also one of the most powerful, it’s master being one of the 10 Wizard Saints (Makarov Dreyar). A wizard saint is one of the 10 of the most powerful mages of all.

Fairytail is interesting, funny, and awesome show/manga series.