The Amazing Soccer Game!

Soccer had always been fun. One Saturday morning, my parents awoke me. I had a soccer game! I had always loved to play soccer at my house. This was my third game playing on my team.

I was super excited when my parents awoke me. I quickly got out of my bed then I went into my closet to find my soccer uniform. I eagerly dressed and then I went downstairs to eat breakfast. Finally, it was 8:30, the time to leave the house to go to my soccer game. I checked to make sure I had a water bottle, and that I had my soccer gear. I went into the car and then me and my family started to drive to the soccer game. My team’s name was Lady Revolution. My family and I got to the soccer game 5 minutes early. We went into the building to see my teammate Kaily and my coach, Coach Victoria.


We started practicing so that we would be warmed up for our game. Kaily and I started to warm up by passing the ball to each other. Soon all of my other teammates started to come. Soon, girls on the opposing team started to come in to. The other team looked a lot better than our team. At 9:00, the soccer game started. I was forward back which means that I have to protect the goalie. The team we were going against got the ball first. They kicked the ball super hard without any control. Mikayla caught the ball and started to kick the ball to the other teams goal. She scored a goal! All of our teammates were very excited because our team scored the first goal! All of the parents and people who were watching were cheering and their faces looked really excited. The points were 1 to 0. My team was winning. In the next round, I was a half back. This meant that I was left or right of the middle person. It was our turn to have the ball. Lily, who is one of my soccer teammates smiled then she passed the ball to me. As soon as I got the ball, I tried to dribble the ball along the court line but then a teammate from the other team skillfully stole the ball from me. They hit a goal. Now the scores were 1 to 1 we were tied.


I was out on the next round. I could tell that most of my teammates were getting tired. We were all sweating and we were all extremely hot. When you are out, you can either sit with your family and cheer your teammates, or you can wait at the benches and you can drink you water and be with your teammates. While I was waiting the other team scored another goal. Now the scores were 1 to 2. We were losing by one point and  my team was now getting a little weary. I was in the game again. This time I was goalie. When your a goalie, you have to protect the goal and try not to let the other team get any goals. This round was the last round. I was super excited and all of my teammates were filled with enthusiasm. This time Lily tried to score a goal. Everyone cheered and screamed for joy but Lily missed the chance and the buzzer rang. Now time was up. Our team had lost but we had gotten about 1 or 2 goals. By this time, everyone was panting and, everyone was getting soaked by sweat.


Now it was snack time I got a blue gatorade and I got a bag of doritos. I was really excited. Today had been a really good game. Even though we had lost, my and my teammates had tons of fun. Today really was an amazing soccer game.