Differences Between the Wonder Book and Movie


What do you think the differences are between the Wonder book and movie? Here are the differences between the book and movie.      


In the movie, the producers do not show you the new puppy called Bear. In the movie, Auggie sits in the back but in the book he sits in the front. In addition, in the movie, Summer wants to shake Auggie’s hand. However, in the book, that doesn’t happen. In the book, it said Auggie lost his hearing aids. Also, in the movie Auggie gets in a fight in the woods with 7th graders and Auggie and his friend win.


In the book, they describe the new dog called Bear. After the fight, the principal knew that Auggie got in the fight, but that did not happen in the book. In the book, Julian got expelled for 2 weeks. In movie, he was only expelled for 1 week. Also, in the book, the first teacher was a woman, but in the movie, the first teacher was Mr. Brown.


To conclude, the book and movie are very different.