Dolphins Vs. Whales


Dolphins are  better than whales because dolphin are more adventurous and playful, but whales are really big and scary. Dolphins are better than whales for many different reasons.

They are cuter than whales. Dolphins do a lot of tricks. Dolphins swim a lot faster than whales. Whales eat more fish than dolphins. Whales   have a bigger mouth than dolphins. Some people like whales because they can make big splashes. Dolphins help other species. They are really fun because they can blow bubble rings and do amazing tricks. They slap their tails and heads to signal to fishermen where to throw their fishnets. They are smart and really good swimmers.

However, whales can jump out of the water and make big splashes. There is even a day for whales. People think whales are scary, but they are actually gentle.

Finally, dolphins are better than whales because dolphins can flip after jumping out of the water and are cute. Dolphins are very smart and help the world.