Should We Keep The Penny or Get Rid of It?


Did you know that a penny costs more than its real value? A penny now takes 1.5 cents to make. Our country has created a quality conversation in 2009 where they almost got rid of the penny which leads into my opinion, that is we should eliminate the penny.

To begin, the penny wastes time. 2.4 hours are wasted by the average American handling pennies. This includes the 20-30 second period fishing for pennies for exact change

Next, making pennies is wasteful. During production, the penny is wasting supplies of zinc and bronze, as its value is greater than its worth. For this reason the Gov. is not only wasting time but money as well

In conclusion, In my opinion we should get rid of the penny as it wastes too much time to create, and many Americans take a lot of time handling it.