Ellie the Easter Bunny

Ellie the Easter Bunny

Once upon a time, there was a little young bunny who was 12 years old. She was very clever, lived with her mom and dad in a small burrow, and lacked bunny money. “Ellie, can you please pick some carrots and apples from the nearby patch for breakfast? Meanwhile, your dad and I will set the table up.”, says mama bunny.

“Sure I can, mom.”, replies Ellie with a sweet voice.

“Just be careful of the mean old fox, and take a basket with you!”

“Ok mom, I will  be right back in an hour, Bye!”

30 minutes later…

“One carrot, two carrots and three carrots. Now it’s time to pick the apples, one apple, two apples, and … Hey!”

“I believe that these are mine now,” says the mean old wolf with drool dripping down his mouth. He snatched the basket from Ellie’s hands,

“Can you please give me my carrots and apples back?”

“No, unless…”

“Unless what!”

 “Unless you give me all of your bunney money!”

Ellie had a brilliant plan to trick the wolf. “Ok, but first  you have to give me back my basket.”

“Here take it, now give me all of your money!”  

“No.”, she says while she runs away.

While she runs, she falls into a dark hole and ends up in a world full of bunnies….  “Wow! This place is beautiful, but where am I?”

“ You’re in the Easter Bunny World now,” replies a bunny, magically appearing above her. ”I’m Fluffy. Nice to meet you, random little bunny.”

“Hi, how do I get out of here?”  

“Oh, you have to become an Easter Bunny first and then you can go  into the real world. On April 1st, you must hide all of the plastic eggs and make sure that no one follows, sees, or captures you. If they do, the whole Bunny world would crumble into pieces and we will all become regular and normal bunnies that don’t talk!”

‘“Ok, but how do you become an easter bunny.”

“First, you have to take tests about hiding so that the humans don’t catch you. Next, you have to prove that you are ready for an excursion. Lastly, you just have to demonstrate your clever skills. The tests are really important.”

“Now, where do I go?”  

“You sure do ask a lot of questions  but you have to go to Mrs. gladess but don’t worry her name sounds mean but she is really like the nicest bunny queen in like the whole World… and don’t even ask another question but she lives like half a mile from here so … yeah.”      “ Ok, thanks I really appreciate it.” Of she goes with no idea what she will expect but with a lot of courage Ellie hoppes through the majestic forest she finds a whole castle made out of gigantic and orange carrots and to hold it up, is chocolate fudge .     “Wow, this is amazing but I don’t think that  chocolate fudge is the best choice because it doesn’t go well with the carrots but I’m not going to tell the queen obviously or else she might get mad at me.”    “Well I’m going in.” “Wow there are a lot of bunnies in this whole castle but I mean they all have to fit in this big castle but who knew a lot of bunnies would come here oh right because It’s almost Easter.”   “Hi, nice to meet you would you like to become an Easter bunny today.” Says Mrs. Gladess.   “oh, you mean today like right now!”   “Yes.” “Ok, I’d be glad to.” “ So Step right in.”   3 hours later…. “ Wow, you did really good, good job!”  “ Thank you so when do I have to go and take the Easter eggs.”  “ You’re so silly, you give them on April 1.” “ Ok, buy! “Buy.”  The next day… “ Ok I’m back.” “ Good, so you have to get prepared and at 12:00 A.M sharp, you have to tell me and then I’ll open it up and then you will go through so you have a whole hour to get ready.”   “ Ok.” 1 Hour Later…. “ I’m ready!”

“ Ok, come on .”  Once the queen  opens up the invisible door, she welcomes all of the bunnies  to the human world. “ Ok, good luck and make me proud.”  “ Ok, so all I have to do is to deliver all of the plastic eggs and then I’ll escape in the middle of the deliberation and go to my parents and tell them all about my adventure.. Oh and I still have to pick them some apples and carrots for breakfast…. Again!”  Half an hour later… “ Ok now it’s time to go to my parents house now.” “Hey where are you going.” Says Fluffy. “I have to go to my parents because there are probably worried about me.” “ Then why did you come over here.” “ I came here because I fell in the hole that comes here while a disgusting wolf stole my carrots and my apples and that’s how I fell in here.”   “ Oh.” “ So if you’ll excuse me I have to go now.” “ well then, bye.” In the meantime, her parents are worried sick so the put flyers and even went to the police and told them that she has been missing for about a day or two but the police said that that is not enough of time for her to go missing but the parents keeped on complaining until they convince then to go and look for her already.”   “ I’m almost on my way to my home. Yay!”   30 Minutes later… “ Mom, Dad!” Ellie tries to look for her parents  and not knowing that they’re trying to look for her at the police station.  5 Minutes later……  “Mom, Dad!” “ Hi Daughter!”     “ Where were you all this time!” “ Mom, Dad I have a lot to tell you about my adventure..”    “ Ok, But did you still get the carrots and apples?” Said dad. “ No.” So Ellie tells her parents all about her adventure and she takes half an hour to explain it.  “ Wow you really became an Easter bunny!” “ Wow, That’s really great.”  And they all had a nice dinner of a salad for dinner. And they all lived happily ever after…..The end.