What if the Earth stopped spinning?


Do You Know What would Happen If the earth stopped spinning? Eventually, in a few billion years earth will stop spinning, so what will happen? Science Says that earth is currently Spinning at 1100 miles per hour. everything would be swept away into the atmosphere. If the rotation period slowed to 1 rotation every 365 days a condition called “sun synchronous” will occur. Sun Synchronous is when  every spot in the earth would have permanent day or night all year long.This is similar to the situation on the moon where for 2 weeks the front side is illuminated by the sun, and for 2 weeks the backside is illuminated by the sun . This situation for the earth is not the condition of “stopped” rotation, But it is as close as the laws of physics will let the earth get. If it stops spinning completely, with not even once every 365 days, you would get ½ year daylight and ½ year nighttime. The yearly change in the sun’s position in the sky would now be just is seasonal motion up and down the sky towards the south due to the orbit of The earth and its axial tilt. If earth stopped rotating, it’s magnetic field would no longer be regenerated and it would decay away to some low. Inside the Earth, there would be high waves causing destructive tsunamis. Since earth spins 1100 mph when it stops we would all be going 1100 mph. Also the temperatures on half of the earth would be either over 130 degree fahrenheit or under  45 degrees fahrenheit. That is probably what would happen if the Earth stopped spinning.