The Snake who had a lisp


There was once a snake who had a lisp. His name was Tim. Every morning, he would get out of bed and go to the kitchen for breakfast. He would say, “Good morning, Mom. Good morning Dad.” Then, he would go to his sister. He would always try his best to say good morning to her but it would always come out as, “Good morning, Thithter.” His sister would snicker at his lisp, so he would say, “It’th not my fault!” This always caused him to go to school wondering, “Will thith ever thtop?” He didn’t realize that one day, he would soon be speaking much better than everybody else. After another day of kids making fun of him, he went home and his parents told him that his sister was going to get braces. This made him think, “Finally! I’ll thound normal at home!”

When she got home the next day with her braces on, she didn’t say anything until Tim broke the silence by saying, “Thooo, how are the bratheth?” “Oh, yeah, thothe, there okay, but they make my mouth hurt.” “Yeth! You have a lithp now too!” This just made his sister sulk away. He went to sleep happily, and thought, “I have a new life now.” He didn’t realize was that his sister wasn’t the only one that was going to sound like him.

He woke up and went to school, but he started to become suspicious because no one was making fun of him. Then, when someone talked, he saw something on their teeth. Braces! Everyone had braces! He felt so happy that he yelled out, “Finally, you all have lisps!” Everyone gasped, so Tim repeated himself. “I’m finally not the only one with a lisp!” Someone croaked, “You’ve lotht your lithp!” This is when he felt the happiest he ever felt in years. “Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Ss.”