5 things I like about Mrs. Leonard’s Class

There are five things I like about Mrs. Leonard’s second grade this year. First, I enjoy using chromebooks on Friday. We get to play games on them like iQball and Fireboy and Watergirl. We earn this fun time by completing two lessons of iReady a week. I also enjoy playing soccer with my friends at recess. Here are some of their names – Malakai, Vidur, Drew, and Aiden. When we go to science, I like to try new things like trying to balance a paper crayfish on my fingers and making zoomers. The fourth thing I like are field trips. Next Wednesday, May 2,  we are going to the Kellogg house for a class field trip. The last thing I like is my nice teacher, Mrs. Leonard. She does many nice things for her class. For example, on Friday, she pulls out papers that have our numbers on them. If you get chosen you will be able to pick a candy and a toy. Those are things that I liked this year, and I hope I have more good memories this year.