Soccer Team Lucky Strikers

I really like soccer. I think soccer is a great sport. Here are some facts about my team.  My soccer team won 4 games so far. I scored about 4 or 5 goals.I really like my team because there are good strikers and they are good at playing. I play in JUSA. My coach is my dad and my assistant coach is Emily’s dad. Emily is my teammate. My teammates are Emily, Grace, Samantha, Caitlyn, Allyson, Sophia, Khuishy, and me Sama.

My team is a great team. I like playing with them because i like soccer. It is a very fun sport to play. We are the green team. We have practice every Monday and Thursday. We have games every Saturday. As you can see, soccer is so fun for me and I think you will love it if you try it.