Dance vs. Soccer

Dance vs. Soccer

Have you ever wanted to try competitive dance or soccer? I think you should try dance. I believe that dance is better because it gives you more exercise, it makes you more flexible, and it makes you stronger.

First, in dance, you exercise more than soccer because you do ab workouts, arm workouts and, many many other workouts. These workouts will make you sore but make you feel good. Also, in dance you can learn new tricks like a standing backflip or other tricks that you can show to your friends or family members. In soccer, you don’t learn tricks, even though soccer players do some strength workouts. However, they do not workout as much as dancers do.


Next, have you ever wanted to be flexible? In dance you do a lot of flexibility things they are so much fun you’ll have blast. In soccer, you have one team you play against, but in dance, you have multiple teams competing against you.


Finally, dance makes you very strong. In dance, there usually is a bar that you hold yourself and bring your knees to your chest. Even though it burns, it will make you stronger than you where before. Dance will make you stronger than if you play soccer.


Clearly, dance will make you more fit, stronger and, flexible. For the reasons above, it is much better than soccer.