Zootopia is a movie that came out on March 4, 2016.There is a bunny named Judy Hopps who is a police officer.   Other animals tease her a lot because she is a bunny and they think she is not intimidating. She also has to work with a fox called Nick Wilde, a criminal who changes throughout the movie. The story has a moral ending, which is, you should be fair to everybody even though they are different. This movie is famous all over the world. It has earned many awards. One of the awards is the best animated movie of 2016 given at the oscars.  The Oscars is a group of 24 honors given by the AMPAS (Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences). The movie Zootopia was competing against other movies for the best animation like Moana and Kubo and the Two Strings. Given the fact that this movie has taken over 500 people to produce and has taken 5 years to make I think it it deserved the best animated movie award.