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Poems for Kids

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Read these poems to calm down or have fun!


The Gift From the Old

By Brooklyn Frey


On one day

All snowy white

In came an old  man

Way past daylight

He asked for a drink

A piece of bread too

And after his meal

He said, “God bless you”

By morning

All the snow had gone

But by lunch

It was going on and on

The man came back

But with a sack

Made of silk

And threads of gold

He said to me, “Please, take this bag”

And I could not say no

Inside, I was surprised to see

A small, little pug just for me

I said, “Thank you, kind sir!”

But he left, quick as lightning

I then went into my house

Because it was ever so frightening

And yet, so very exciting!


The Life of A King

By Brooklyn Frey


There once was a king named Jarriet

He loved to ride in his chariot

His wife Lucicada

Really loved him a lot-a

But his servant named Scott did not

“Servant Scott!” said the king,

“Go bring me some tea!”

And Scott could not

Say no

So Scott brought the king tea

“From the cupboard!” said he

But there really was poison inside

So Scott killed the king

And he lept

And he sang

And he ran off

With the king’s bride




Life is like a camera

Just focus on what’s important

And capture the good times…

Develop from the negatives

And if things don’t work out…

Just take another shot.

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