My Favorite Books

My Favorite Books

What’s your Favorite Book


  1. Thea and Geronimo stilton
  2. Series of Unfortunate of Events
  3. Raina Telgemeier books
  4. Last Kids on Earth
  5. Percy Jackson
  6. Diary of the Wimpy Kid Series
  7. Harry Potter
  8. I Survived Series
  9. Big Nate
  10. Captain Underpants


These are what we think are the top 10 kids books.  If you agree with our list, share this with your friends and family.  Coming in as number 10, is Captain Underpants. This super hero is the creation of two boys with a passion for comics.  Number 9 is Big Nate.  Big Nate is a  comic strip by Lincoln Peirce.


Coming in as 8 place is the ”I Survived,” Series.  The “I Survived,” Series is about people surviving extreme things.  At number 7, magic and spells are all in the strange world of Harry Potter.  At number 6, Diary of the Wimpy Kid Series is about a boy named Grey going through middle school.  Gods and goddess with Percy Jackson are in our place, at number 5.  


The zombies are every where, what are you going to do?   The Last Kids on Earth has earned the right to be number 4.  Raina Telgemeier books are mainly about her and her sister, coming in at number 3.  Coming in at number two, A Series of Unfortunate of Events is about three children who have lost their parents.  Lastly, Thea and Geronimo sit at ,number one! The Stilton books are about mice who almost always find themselves in a mystery.