Wild Fires


Research shows that 84% of wildfires have been produced by humans in the U.S. IN some places there are even more fire because of people. In california’s coast valley, people caused 97% of wildfires. Humans burned 44% of 89,339,131 acres last year. 89 percent of the total 5,921,861 acres burned was caused by human-started wildfires. Some people may have thought that things like making a small fire or smoking a cigarette would be harmless in the forest. Some fires have been set by arson, power lines, and children playing with fire. July 4 was the most common day for human-started fires, with a total of 7,762 starting that day over the study’s 21-year period. The most common day for lightning-started fires was July 22nd. There are some fires that are good for the ecosystem because there are some trees that rely on fires to spread their seeds. Recently, despite all the fires, some scientists say global warming is currently in a hiatus, or pause. With global warming, by the end of the century, there would be at least 50% more wildfires started by lightning, but humans will still be the number one cause for wildfires. I think that people in america are being careless about fire because of wildfires.