Lost in Time


This is a story about three kids who accidentally got sent back in time, do you want to see how? You will find out shortly.

It was just an ordinary day for the kids, having to wake early and get ready to go to school. Nathan, one of the kids, wished that it was summer because he thinks his teacher is out to get him. He would always think about escaping school but his school was like Alcatraz, nobody was allowed to get out.

Nathan had two really good friends named Ryan and John.They were the class clowns and they always got into trouble at school with all the teachers. Right after school Nathan, Ryan and John would go to Ryan’s dad’s office to see if everything was going alright. But this particular day was different because his dad said he had perfected time travel. All he needed to do was to test it and he was out of test subjects so he needed to find someone who would be his test subject. Ryan’s dad said to the three boys, “Don’t touch anything while I’m gone.” But, they were to interested to see how it worked. Nathan went up to the time machine but got way too close and got sucked inside. His friends, Ryan and John, went too.

When Ryan’s dad came back to tell them the bad news that he did not find anyone, he found out that the time machine was gone and so were the kids. He instantly knew they got sucked in! They were stuck in the Mesozoic era, Nathan said ”Where are we?”  

“I think we are in 5,000 BC” said Ryan.

”My dad is always telling me what it was like in the different time periods and how dangerous they are.” Then out of nowhere came a gigantic pterodactyl and picked up John. John screamed so loud in a girly voice, ”Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!” But just before the pterodactyl dropped him they were sent to a different time period.

Ryan said, ”I think where on the titanic.” “

Why are we all in tuxedos and not in our normal clothes?” said Nathan. “I think the time period changed our wardrobe.” And they tried to tell the captain that they might hit an iceberg but they thought about it and didn’t because they didn’t want to change time. Right at that moment, the ship hit the iceberg and it started to sink and the three boys left to a new time period. Then found themselves in a bunker with gun shots flying everywhere. They thought they were in a war and had to get out of it as quick as possible. Nathan was nearly shot at least seven times but every time he thought the bullets stopped right before they hit him and the machine looked like it was nearly out of fuel and right when the enemy started to bomb, they were back in the present. With all of their friends and family they all have been looking for them for days but  found them in the lab where they started.