Bear Trouble!

Bear Trouble!

At Sequoia National Park, many tourists are dissatisfied with their venture to the national park.  A local Facebook user suggested that visitors seeking bears not even bother to travel as far as the park.  A four-year drought in California has destroyed most of the vegetation so the bears have moved their homes to a small town called Three Rivers to scavenge for food.

Bears In Trouble

Many bears seeking food to survive have been injured and chased away by gunfire, dogs, clanging pots, and airhorns.  Many locals disagree with the “Nature Lovers” because there is not sufficient evidence to prove any bears were slaughtered.  Many local farmers and ranchers report bears on their property.  Despite these human threats, a bigger challenge is ahead for the bears: hibernation.  The bears will need to stock up enough food for the winter to survive.

Desperate For Food

In their mad search for food they have destroyed some buildings by climbing on roofs, exploring houses, climbing up trees, and even tearing apart walls, all just to get some acorns!  The local residents find brown or cinnamon-colored bears in town, on roads, and in the river.