Mozart’s Mistake

Mozarts Mistake

Mozart woke up one day feeling weary. He could not find matching socks. He checked his email; all of his contacts were gone even his videos of his concert were missing! It was crazy! Who would do such a thing? He decided to go on a walk to clear his mind. But little did he know that it would have the opposite effect. While he was walking he saw a few kids playing some sort of game.(This game was handball, but he didn’t know that) What were they doing? They should be making art or music (In his time, they only could make music or art during recess). What is happening? He decided to go to the art museum. It always made him feel better. He saw a beautiful picture, but for some reason, everyone avoided it, and whenever looked at it, they always seemed to be disgusted. Why didn’t those people think that was beautiful? I mean, it was. Then he saw his music board up on the display board. He realized one thing. He probably had somehow time traveled! Then he remembered that before he had gone back into the bed he had touched a gem on display and didn’t remember getting back into bed. So, he must have time traveled. He had to find the gem. Maybe if he found it, he could get back to his time. Then he spotted a crown of jewels. He recognized the gem he had time traveled with. He tried to touch it, but as soon as he touched the glass, the glass shattered, and the alarm went off. It was so loud that it blew all of his clothes off except for his odd pants and t-shirt. Then everybody recognized him. “Who is this guy? He looks a lot like Mozart! How did he get here? Maybe we should shout and call the police to arrest him.” Then he tried to run out of the museum. The police had already arrived. They had put handcuffs on his hands. They grabbed him by the arms and threw him into the police car. After a few hours, they threw him into a jail cell. Suddenly, after a few days of grueling work, just as he was about to go to bed, he spotted a crown. Someone had somehow taken the crown and threw it in there. He saw the gem. Then he quickly touched the gem. It brought him back to his own time. He was glad to be back. But as soon as he did, he was surrounded by a mob of fans. He tried to get into his limo, but everyone was pulling him for autographs. Finally, he got into his limo, and when it go to his hotel, he went as quickly as he could. Just as another mob of fans tried to get his autograph, he shut the door, put a lot of chairs in front of it, went upstairs to his room, quickly got in, closed the door and locked it. He was glad to be home, but that scared him. He laid down in his bed, and fell into a deep sleep. Everything was going to be ok, or so he thought. The gem was on his nightstand, and he put his hand on the nightstand so he could grab his glasses. When he woke up, he tried to grab his glasses, but then he accidentally touched the gem. He felt the smooth edges of the gem.  “Oh no!” he cried, as he was whisked into another time.


(just to make the story short) THE END