Top Ten Sour Candies

Top Ten Sour Candies
  1. Toxic Waste- One of the most sour candies in the world
  2. Warheads- One of the most sour candies ever!
  3. Lemonheads-Really tasty ,but sour!
  4. Sour Skittles-Really good but a little bit sour.
  5. Shockers(Shock Tarts)-Extremely sour ,but if you have braces it is not for you.
  6. Sour Power Belts-They come in any flavor you can imagine.
  7. Sour Patch Kids-These little guys are sour when you put them in your mouth and sweet when you are going to eat it!
  8. Sour Balls-They have a  mild sour flavor.
  9. Cry Baby Tears-These will reduce you to tears if you try more than one!
  10. Sour Rip Rolls-Come with 40 in. of sour candy sour apple, blue raspberry, strawberry, and watermelon.