What is Beyond Our Solar System


The Galaxy is always moving and never stops.   Gravity holds the Galaxy together so the planets won’t float away.   Every single star all move or travel at the exact same speed.   The Milky Way Galaxy is  going away from the other Galaxies.   A person named Newton was an English scientist and used math to understand the movement of the universe and Earth.  There is some energy that is making the universe get larger but the scientists don’t know what the type of energy it is.  They also do not know where it has come from.  They named the energy dark energy.  The scientist studying about 100 billion Galaxies in our universe.  There is so much more to find in solar system.  Our sun is one of the 1 billion stars in the Galaxy.  The Milky way Galaxy is about 100,000 light-years wide.  The moon is about one light-second away from us.  The Milky Way Galaxy is  spiral shaped and all of the stars in the Galaxy move around a huge black hole that is 4 million times larger than the sun.