South Korean President Impeached



South Korean President Park Geun-Hye speaks during an address to the nation, at the presidential Blue House in Seoul, South Korea, 29 November 2016. REUTERS/Jeon Heon-Kyun/Pool

In South Korea, there is a very interesting thing happening. The first woman Korean president is being impeached. This is the first time a president is being kicked out office through impeachment. They impeachment ratio is 534 to 56. 534 people wanted Park to be impeached, and 56 people did not want her to be impeached. There are two types of protesters on the streets. The Park supporter and the Anti-Park supporters.  The Anti-Park supporters think that the constitutional court made the right decision, and they think that the Park supporters should start thinking properly. The Anti-Park supporters are thinking about all of the bad that the president has done and are relieved that they do not have to deal with her anymore. Some of the things that Park tried to do is rewrite the history books. This is scandalous because she is trying to make horrible people look like the greatest people in the world. She was also taking advice from someone who is power hungry. Also, she was taking advice from become one of the most powerful people in Korea. They were willing to do anything to do this. The Park supporters think that the constitutional court made a big mistake. They think she was doing a excellent job because she was focusing on national security. A few Park supporters were interviewed by CNN news. One woman said and I quote, “Democracy is dead, South Korea is dead.” This is a very emotional time for South Korea. Although most people are against Park, there are many people that still think Park is just helping Korea. They think that she is building up the nation. Another Park supporter was heard saying “We lost our liberty. We lost our Korea. “ South Korea has to find a replacement in or under 60 days. The riots are so bad right now that there are 21,000 police officers on standby with massive security. This is the first time a Korean president has been impeached, and she was the first woman president ever.