Howling Wolves

Once upon a time a pack of wolves were trying to find food. The leader’s name was Storm because he was the fastest wolf in the pack.  The pack killed three mountain goats. Storm killed two of the goats. One day Storm and pack were fighting with another pack of wolves. Their opponents were in their territory. The other pack’s leader was named Dust because he was the color of dust. Storm and Dust were fighting. Storm lost ten teeth and Dust broke a leg.   Then both side retreated. On both sides a doctor wolf said they were both healed. They thought about being friends instead of being rivals. When they were healed the other packs started another war. The leaders said “stop stop stop”!  “This is not how we will take territory’’. “ We have to share”. Then the leaders came back to stop their packs from fighting. Then the two leaders smiled at each other. A few days later, the packs became close friends.