Fossils in Canada


In Canada, there were tiny fossils in the rocks! Matthew Dodd helped write a study on these based on rocks. Matthew Dodd is a student at the University College London. This college helps study fossils in the ground.

Life might have begun 200 to 500 million years the birth of the planet. That was a huge time ago9. That time was probably not in the 1700’s.

That was 4.5 billion years ago.  Fossils are the remains of ancient creatures. Like dinosaurs

They are preserved in rocks.  Dominic Papineau is a scientist at University College  London. He helped people learn about fossils.

He co-wrote the paper. Probably about fossils Papineau collected the rocks in 2008.

Each was the size of a hand. That might of been really big Dodds team found microscopic tubes.who knows where.