Birds in the Jungle

Once upon a time, there was a bird named Chicken Finger. He was super lazy.  Once Chicken Finger heard a loud noise so he went to check it out.  He saw people cutting down trees.  So he went back to his home so he could tell his friends.  His friends went outside to see that people were cutting down the trees in the forest and they didn’t know what to do.  In the begining, Chicken Fingers friends were trying to figure out a way Chicken Finger was being lazy as usual.  He was taking a bath in a  pond and enjoying life. He totally forgot that there were people destroying the forest.  Chicken Fingers friends were running away because they were scared that they were going to get caught and get stuck in a net.  Chicken Finger saw all of his friends leaving so he went to go get them.   He didn’t want them to leave he wanted to fight for his forest.  He said to himself , ¨I will fight for the forest myself,¨At the end, Chicken Finger and his friends went to win the battle.  And they won and they lived happily ever after.