Hot Lava


A giant cliff is shooting lava on Hawaii island. There is tunnels that are called lava tube that shoot lava!  The new lava flow is huge lava  is pouring out of a lava tube on the southeast side of Hawaii island.  Lava is pouring into the Pacific ocean.  The lava began flowing after part of the cliff broke off.  The flow started as a drizzle coming down the sea cliffs and it is getting stronger and stronger.  When the lava hits the cool seawater it explodes.  Boat captains are watching to keep the people safe.  Flying rocks are not the only danger The lava flow is also causing a super hot steam.  Turpin said the flow is the biggest he has ever seen!  A lot of visitors on the island are hoping to see the lava flow.  One bad thing is that the cliff could break off.  Kilauea has been releasing lava since 1983.