Secret Service Arrests Person on White House Grounds


In Washington D.C., on March 10, 2017, at exactly 11:36 PM, a man with a backpack climbed a fence onto the White House south grounds. The man was later arrested by the Secret Service. Other people working for the secret service checked the north grounds, and found it was clear there. The man had a California Driver’s Licence, and said to be a friend of Trump and had a appointment with him. At the time, the White House was under condition “orange”, which is one of the highest parts of security at the White House. The suspect has had no criminal history, and his backpack was not filled with anything dangerous.

This has happened before on September 19, 2014, where Omar Gonzalez, a man, went into the White House without permission to enter. There was construction and there were technical problems with the radio. Within minutes, he climbed the 7ft 6 inch fence, ran across the north grounds to the White House and to the portico doors and opened it, because it was unlocked. Then, he knocked down an officer posted on the other side who said he could not lock the doors. In all, Gonzalez eluded eight Secret Service personnel before being arrested in the East Room. He was found carrying a knife. No one has gone further than Gonzalez into the White House without permission.