Which Animals Have the Highest IQ?


Have you ever wondered what animal has the highest IQ? We will be comparing 2 animals at a time and seeing which one is smarter. First is dog vs. cat. Dogs are smarter.This research won’t settle the old rivalry against dog owners and cat owners, dogs are smarter because there are more social animals to people and other dogs.Which help develop bigger brains.

Next is elephant vs. chimpanzee. Even though that chimpanzee’s are the most like humans, elephants win this round they are bigger than most and also smarter than most. Elephants have great prowess in numerical abilities. ¨Their abilities don’t seem to be limited like the way that monkeys, apes and children,” the experiment’s lead researcher said.

Finally, we have octopus vs. fish. Octopuses are smarter than fish. Octopuses have large brains relative to their body and weight and have complex lobes allowing them to process complex information. They can learn to recognize shapes and open jars with screw lids. Giant squids can even open child proof medicine bottles and improve their time with practice.