The Adventure of Creator and Dinosaurus


Once upon a time there were two brothers who had magical powers. One with the power to Change form and the other to create anything. Their names were Creator and Dinosaurus. Their mother and father were killed by a evil being called DarkNess. These two brothers will have to save the Universe.


Dinosaurs: Dinosaurus got out of bed one morning finding that his brother was missing. He found a note that said that creator was going to get revenge on Darkness but first went to the coffee shop to get coffee.

Creat0r: When I [Creator] came back from the coffee shop I told my brother that  I  had to go to the grocery store to get some food.But when I got there I found nothing but a big hole in the street.

I inferenced that Darkness sent some of his minions to destroy the market/store.

Dinosaur: I also found something strange in the sky. There, up high in the sky me as an eagle I saw that there was some kind of power plant in the middle of the forest and decided to go and investigate. When I got closer I found something strange…

Creator: As I also started to investigate the hole I too found something very strange. I found something engraved in the stone. I translated it and it said ¨Watch out Creator and Dinosaurus¨I am coming for you. As I finished reading it I quickly called my brother and said ¨Brother, Darkness is coming for us in 3 days we have to be prepared!¨

Dinosaur: Now this is how the story ended… A nice autumn day or is it nice at all, we were preparing for war, getting the tools ready and preparing for action. Darkness had come and barely anything good happened was happening, how  we did it simple we… glued him to the wall and feed darkness to a chicken.we lured him with soup and bread that explodes.