The War of Sauces


One day Peanut Butter was making a peanut butter and banana sandwich. Then he saw Jelly and they were immediately friends. Jelly and Peanut Butter went everywhere with each other. One day Jelly and Peanut Butter were robbed by Ketchup. Jelly and Peanut Butter wanted revenge. They saved up money to go to Italy to find Ketchup. On the way they found Jelly´s friend, Soy Sauce. Together they went to Ketchups Palace. Mustard and Ketchup were having a chat. They were plotting to rob Soy Sauce. Peanut Butter,Jelly and Soy Sauce all raided Ketchup´s palace and then ran away laughing. But, little did they know that Ketchup was starting The War of the Sauces.


Ketchup and Mustard found an alliance with tomato sauce and Maple Syrup. Nutella had found an alliance with Jelly and Peanut Butter. So, the teams were equal. Soy Sauce went on a mission to find an alliance with vinegar. On the way, Soy Sauce found Mustard. They fought until Soy Sauce was overpowered and had retreated.  But Soy Sauce went on with his mission. Soy Sauce eventually found vinegar. Vinegar wanted to be neutral so rejected the request. Soy Sauce went back to find Peanut Butter fighting Maple Syrup. Soy Sauce of course rushed to help and together they defeated Maple Syrup. Maple Syrup was defeated and could not move. Ketchup’s side was losing. Mustard found an alliance with relish. Relish was an evil villain who ruled Australia and loved seagulls. But, Seagulls hated relish so he never was friends with them.


Both teams found each other and fought the biggest battle in The War of the Sauces. Nutella fought Ketchup and Vinegar because he was the strongest on the battlefield. Soy Sauce fought tomato sauce. All the rest fought each other. Peanut Butter’s team stood victorious but began to mourn because of the death of Jelly. But, all the rest of them were friends and lived together happily ever after.