Boys Vs. Girls


Which do you prefer, boys or girls? In my opinion, I would probably choose girls. If you are wondering why I would choose girls, here are a few reasons why.

First, boys tend to be messy and don’t clean up after themselves. Girls, on the other hand, are neat and organized.  Some boys don’t even wash their hands after they use the bathroom!

Also, girls are smarter and get better grades. Girls work very hard and actually try to do good in school, while boys do everything carelessly. At times, boys lie to their teachers!

Lastly, daughters are more likely to care for their parents. According to the India Times, 36% of US women take care of their elderly parents, as opposed to 16% of men. Boys will most likely put their elderly parents in nursing homes, or will  just not take care of them and let them die. Girls will do everything for people so they can be happy.

To sum it all up, boys are messy, not as smart, and don’t care about their elderly families. Girls are better, in my opinion.