Scarecrow Sneezes Skit

Scarecrow Sneezes Skit

Scarecrow: Atchoo!

Scarecrow rubs his nose and sniffles.

Doctor #1: Are you sick?

Scarecrow: I don’t know, achoo! But I´m always like this.

Doctor #1: Then I shall see what is wrong with you and I will heal you.

Warden: Me too!

Doctor #1: Hey, no! I was here before you and you´re not part of this conversation!

Warden: But I am much better and faster at healing than you!

Scarecrow sneezes and walks away while they argue.

Scarecrow: Oh, I´ll never get rid of my sneezes. Atchoo!

Doctor #2: Or maybe you will.

Scarecrow: Atchoo!

Doctor#2: Really!

Scarecrow: But they, achoo! All claim that. Atchoo!

Doctor #2: Follow me.

Scarecrow: Atchoo! Okay.

Doctor #2 takes him to a dome shaped building and tells him to go inside

Doctor #2: I know what´s wrong with you, you are allergic to the straw inside of yourself.

Scarecrow: Oh, ahchoo!

Doctor #2: Lay on the bed. I need to change you into a man, it is the only way to get rid of your allergies.

Scarecrow: Yay! No more, ahchoo! Sneezes!

Doctor #2 walks out and closes the door. He flips a switch and there is a buzzing sound in the building. When it stops, he opens the door and Scarecrow comes out a man.

Scarecrow: Thank you! Thank you!

But the doctor was already gone, so Scarecrow went home and lived the rest of his life allergy-free.

The end!