Undertale Game Review


Undertale is a game that is made of LOVE (Seriously). LOVE is an acronym for Level Of ViolEnce which is like leveling up in a rpg. An RPG is a role-playing game where you can level up their characters to make in EXP is an acronym for EXecution Points what helps gain new levels. In this game you have the choice to save or to kill. It’s all up to you! In the Underground, monsters will attack you and try to kill you. But, you can literally just talk your way out of every battle. I love it how the game also has a neutral ending where you kill at least one, or two creatures. In this game everyone is unique and talk in their own font like this; Sans has his own font comic sans, Toriel has just normal Ariel, and a character called Asriel Dremurr speaks like this very colorfully. Also in this game everything you do really matters. If you kill something it is like you killed something real like a human they don’t come back just like real life. Even if you reset everyone will know what you did still, everyone is will somehow remember what you did. But in the Pacifist route you spare and love everything you don’t kill anything, you are good, you are their hope, you are determination. But in all the paths you are still determined to kill or save it is an easy decision so you choose, your way, your determination will guide you. This was our game review and remember to stay determined