Violet’s First Day in the Lab

Violet was finally out of school  and was allowed to go in her dad’s lab. Her dad’s an explorer and was on a tropical island. Her mother told her since she’s 14 years old  and all she wanted to go to the island for her birthday in a few weeks. Violet’s mom said”If you really want go, you can, but don’t touch the monkey with fleas”.  Forcefully, Violet yelled” Mom he’s not a horrible thing…” . Violet’s Mom grounded her for the rest of summer. She stomped off into her room and ran away to the island. Violet knew she could get on a ship to the island. Soon she was at the island and saw Momo  the monkey and found her father. She loved doing  experiments at school. Meanwhile her mom called her down for dinner but she wasn’t there!!! At the island, she went to her own little home her dad made for her. She made a little cure for Momo since he was sick. Violet finally got it right! Soon it  was the end of summer and she went home. Her mom sighed and said when she saw her child and ran to hug her.