The creation of the light bulb


    There was once a man named Thomas Edison who came up with the idea of the light bulb. People didn’t believe the light bulb was possible. He made the light bulb to prove people wrong. because people thought the lightbulb was impossible. Many magazines came, speaking of his failure and his various tries. Though Edison was disappointed with these articles, he wasn’t going to give up. There were many rumors that he had over a thousand tries. He actually did have over a thousand tries, but still wasn’t going to give up. A man had tried to create a light bulb before Edison did, but Edison didn’t know of this. People made him so mad, Edison said that on New Year’s Eve, he’d light up the place with two-thousand light bulbs. Many shook their heads in disbelief, even some of his workers too. Edison hired a mathematician because Edison was not very good with math. It was only October and he already knew over one-thousand ways not to create a light bulb. He found out that he needed to have no air in the light and air had been shattering the all of the bulbs. Finally, on New Year’s Eve, everyone gathered around Edison’s home. He led them to the park where he’d set up all of the 2,000 lights. He pressed a button and 2,000 lights that said ‘Happy New Years’ popped up on a grid. Everyone cheered. That is how Edison created the light bulb.